imageFORMULA ScanFront 300/300P CAC/PIV

Network Document Scanner 

imageFORMULA ScanFront 300/300P CAC/PIV Network Document Scanner

The Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront 300 CAC/PIV is a full-featured, compact device designed to improve the security of information shared across federal networks. The ScanFront 300 CAC/PIV works to increase efficiency, reduce fraud and protect privacy. This network scanner is built to recognize Common Access Cards (CACs) issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Personal Identification Verification (PIV)-compliant cards as part of the federal government’s initiative to secure access to facilities and information systems. Canon’s ScanFront 300/300P CAC/PIV is ideal for working with government entities such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Justice, Energy, the Treasury, the Environmental Protection Agency, and more.

The Canon ScanFront 300 CAC/PIV offers strong user authentication by interfacing with card readers for CAC/PIV card scanning with password entry for physical device access. Encrypt and send electronic data even via email with the utmost security.

To enhance security, administrators can configure unique CAC/PIV card-specific options, email and security features, as well as manage trusted certificates. Since the ScanFront 300/300P CAC/PIV does not have a hard-drive, the threat of securely storing information is avoided entirely. Built-in network functions include Scan-To-Email (SMTP, Microsoft Exchance, Lotus Notes), Scan-To-Fax (SMTP-via Internet fax service only, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes), Scan-To-Folder, Scan-To-Print, Scan-To-FTP, Scan-To-USB Drive.

As with all Canon Scanning devices, the ScanFront 300/300P CAC/PIV network scanner provides reliable handling for an assortment of materials and thickness, from plastic cards like government-issued ID cards to long documents. In addition, the imageFORMULA 300/300P CAC/PIV contains advanced features such as Auto Color Detection, Auto Page Size Detection, Bleed-through Removal, Color Dropout/Enhance (RGB), Error Diffusion, Long Document Mode, Text Enhancement, Text Orientation Recognition, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection (SF300P). Scan 50 sheets of black-and-white, color or grayscale at a rate of 30 ppm in simplex / 60 ipm in duplex in 24-bit color. The suggested daily volume of scans should not exceed 2,000 daily.

Similar products often require involved setup processes and are restricted in their compatibility with card readers, unlike the Canon 300/300P CAC/PIV. The scanner supports Card Readers (sold separately) SCR331/3310/3311 SCM or Identive Infrastructure. The ScanFront 300/300P CAC/PIV is environmentally conscious and is compliant with ENERGY STAR, EU RoHS and WEEE directives.

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